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WMST Course Descriptions

Minor Requirements

The Women's Studies minor requires 21 credit hours:

Choose one of the following courses:

  • HIST Q268 Gender and Nation
  • PHIL U241 Philosophical Perspectives on Women
  • SOCI A250 Sociology of Gender
3 crs.

Choose six of the following elective courses if not taken above. Courses must be selected from at least 3 departments:

  • ARTH O236 Women in Art
  • CMMN A455 Media and Gender
  • CRIM A280 Domestic Violence
  • ENGL A385 Women Writers
  • ENGL A410 Writing Gender
  • ENGL A466 Southern Women Writers
  • HIST A352 Women in African History
  • HIST P240 Women in the Middle Ages
  • HIST Q268 Gender and Nation
  • MUGN O204 Women in Music
  • PHIL U222 Philosophy and Feminism
  • PHIL U241 Philosophical Perspectives on Women
  • PHIL U254 Postmodernism and Feminism
  • POLS A235 Gender & Global Politics
  • PSYC A327 Studies in the Psychology of Woman
  • RELS A417 Women, Religion, Culture
  • RELS S343 Women in the Christianity
  • RELS V281 Women in World Religions
  • SOCI A240 Sociology of the Family
  • SOCI A250 Sociology of Gender
  • SOCI A255 Sociology of Sexualities
  • SOCI A321 Body, Society, & Health
  • VISA A285 Cinematic Representations of Cross-Gendered Performances
  • WMST T121 Any WMST First-Year Seminar
  • Elective Choice: either HIST Q230 Oppression & Resistance OR SOCI X305 Social / Political Inequality can be taken for WMNA credit, but not both.
18 crs.

2.0 GPA required. 

Please check with the program director for additional course offerings and seminars that may be eligible for WMST program completion.