Professional + Continuing Studies

The Office of Professional & Continuing Studies (PCS) serves the non-traditional student population at Loyola University New Orleans with a variety of academic degrees and certificates, non-credit professional development and personal enrichment courses, and customized contract training for business and industry. Academic degrees and certificates through PCS provide flexible study options across colleges through Loyola's Adult Programs and during Loyola’s Summer Sessions. All PCS courses and programs provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary for career advancement. Courses are offered in a variety of formats such as evening, online, and hybrid.

Academic Programs

Modified Loyola Core requirements are those courses, which, in the liberal arts tradition, ensure the degree-seeking student a well-rounded education. All degree-seeking, part-time students are eligible to participate in the following core course requirements, called the Modified Loyola Core (30 hours total):

Foundations Courses: 

Loyola Core Section Course Number & Name Credit Hours
English  ENGL T122 Critical Reading & Writing 3 crs.
Mathematics MATH T122 Math Models OR
MATH A1125 Finite Math
3 crs.
Science SCIE T129 Investigating Nature 3 crs. 
Foundations Courses Total: 9 crs. 

Knowledge & Values Courses

Loyola Core Section Course Number & Name Credit Hours
Creative Arts & Cultures Select from courses numbered: O299 - O499 3 crs.
Writing About Literature Select from courses numbered:
N200 - N499
3 crs.
Social Sciences Select from courses numbered:
X200 - X499
3 crs.
History HIST T122 Global History I OR
HIST T124 Global History II
3 crs.
Religious Studies RELS I Christian Traditions
Select from courses numbered: 
RELS S200 - S499
3 crs. 
Introduction to the Philosophy of
Select from courses numbered
PHIL R122 - R199 
3 crs. 
Philosophy II or RELS II Select one course from Philosophy II or Religious Studies II: 
PHIL U200-U499 OR
PHIL W200 - W499 OR 
RELS II V200 - V499
3 crs. 
Knowledge & Values Section Total:  21 crs.

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Course Load

Most students attend school on a part-time basis and carry six to nine credit hours per semester. A student may not carry more than 11 credit hours per semester unless he or she obtains permission from the Director of the Office of Professional & Continuing Studies.

Prerequisites for Specific Courses

Some courses offered at Loyola have specific prerequisites, where introductory or survey courses exist. Those courses must be completed before any of the higher level courses may be scheduled. Students must receive permission from the instructor before enrolling for courses for which they do not have the necessary prerequisites. Otherwise, the instructor may require that they withdraw from the class.

Students not enrolled in degree programs may register for courses without regard to the prerequisites subject to the approval of the instructor.

Requirements for Degree

In addition to the general requirements for graduation as detailed in this bulletin specific requirements for each degree program are set forth in the following pages. A 2.0 or higher grade point average is required for graduation. Unless special permission is granted by the dean to pursue work elsewhere, the last 30 credit hours must be completed at Loyola; the final 24 hours must be successfully completed in in the student’s respective college. Additionally, a student must earn a 2.0 in his or her major. A minimum of 50 percent of the courses in the major must be successfully completed at Loyola University. 

Students may pursue a minor, provided that the minor is not a discipline included in the major. For example, a criminal justice major may not minor in sociology, as required sociology courses make up a portion of the major. If the minor is not completed by graduation, the minor will not be indicated on the transcript. A minimum 2.0 GPA is required in the minor.

Students interested in pursuing a double major or a minor should consult with their academic adviser and the Office of Professional Studies.

Verbal & Written Communication

Students whose writing and speaking ability may require enhancement may be, at the recommendation of the instructor, assigned supplementary work, without academic credit, varying in amount commensurate with the needs of the student. If the work prescribed is equivalent to a course, the regular tuition fee is charged. Students may also contact the Writing Across the Curriculum center to access academic resources specifically geared to strengthen their writing capability. The granting of a degree may be delayed for failure to make up a deficiency in English writing and conversation to the satisfaction of the dean of the respective college.

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Certificate Programs

Loyola offers both credit and non-credit certificate programs. Our credit certificates allow you to combine a set of undergraduate and graduate courses into a short, topic-focused program. Our non-credit certificates offer courses to help you develop specialized skills that are in high demand.

Certificates Include: 

The Post-Baccaluareate Certificate in Music Education/Alternative Teacher Certification in Instrumental or Vocal Music is a program offered through the College of Music and Fine Arts School of Music. This program is designed for students who have a bachelor's degree in music and want to be certified to teach instrumental or vocal music in K-12. Full certificate requirements can be viewed under Music Education programs

The Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health Certificate (PB-Health) is aimed at supporting recent graduates and career changers with a bachelor’s degree who have a drive and passion for a health-science career, but lack the courses required for entry into their program of choice. The PB-Health Certificate prepares students for study in medical school, dental school, veterinary school, physician assistant programs, physical therapy programs, and more.