Music Pedagogy (MUPD)

MUPD M110 Introduction to Piano Pedagogy I 2 crs.

This course is an introduction to basic pedagogical principles, general formats of material for beginning pianists, method books currently available, and basic studio policies. In addition to two class meetings each week, students will–during a 45-minute weekly group lesson–assist teachers in the Loyola music preparatory school.

MUPD M111 Introduction to Piano Pedagogy II 2 crs.

This course is a continuation of Introduction to Piano Pedagogy I.

Prerequisite: MUPD M110

MUPD M210 Piano Pedagogy III: Elementary Methods and Materials 2 crs.

Students will learn elementary level literature. Playing this music in class, at performance level, is required. The pedagogical uses of these materials will be discussed. In addition to class meetings, students will observe private lessons as assigned (one hour weekly) in the preparatory department.

Prerequisite: MUPD M111

MUPD M211 Piano Pedagogy IV: Intermediate Methods and Materials 2 crs.

This course is a continuation of Piano Pedagogy III at the intermediate level.

Prerequisite: MUPD M210

MUPD-M305 Vocal Pedagogy 2 crs.

Vocal Pedagogy will be presented as a seminar that will include studies in Laryngeal and Respiratory Anatomy and Physiology, Identification, Diagnosis and Correction of Vocal Faults and Voice classification, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication during instruction, Acoustics, Resonance, and Registration, Performance Anxiety and Vocal Health. 

MUPD M309 Guitar Pedagogy 3 crs.

This course is a survey of guitar method books, teaching techniques, and literature appropriate for use with beginning and intermediate level students. Areas covered include diagnosis of technical problems, lesson planning, and technical evaluation of the literature. Students participate in guitar instruction.

MUPD M310 Piano Pedagogy V: Supervised Teaching 1 cr.

Students will share, either with supervising teachers in the Loyola music preparatory school or another student, the teaching of group lessons. Students will meet weekly with course instructor to discuss the last class and present lesson. This course may be taken concurrently with Piano Pedagogy III.

Prerequisite: MUPD M211

MUPD M311 Piano Pedagogy VI: Supervised Teaching 1 cr.

This course is a continuation of Piano Pedagogy V. It may be taken concurrently with Piano Pedagogy IV.

Prerequisite/Co-requisite: MUPD M211

MUPD M409 String Pedagogy 1 cr.

This course is an analysis of teaching materials and didactic approaches. Also covered is the minor maintenance of string instruments.

MUPD M410 Piano Pedagogy VII: Practicum 1 cr.

Each student will be apprenticed to a New Orleans area piano teacher as an assistant teacher with grades determined in consultation with each cooperating teacher. Observations will be made periodically by a member of the piano pedagogy faculty, in addition to those of the supervisory teacher.

Prerequisites: MUPD M311; Junior standing

MUPD M411 Piano Pedagogy VIII: Practicum 1 cr.

This course is a continuation of Piano Pedagogy VII.

Prerequisite: MUPD M410

MUPD M499 Independent Study Credits Vary

This course is arranged in consultation with and permission from the student's major advisor.