Ministry Courses

RELM 300 Introduction to Ministry 3 crs.

Taking a broad view of ministry, this course introduces the study and practice of Christian ministry, grounded in Scripture and the historical tradition and focused on the contemporary challenges and opportunities.  

RELM 330 Church and Sacraments 3 crs.

This course examines the contemporary understanding of Church and sacraments and explores their implications for ministry and the life of faith today.

RELM 334 Ethics for Ministers 3 crs.

This course examines ethical conduct in ministry through an emphasis on Catholic ethics, personal spiritual formation, and formation of conscience that is foundational to one’s ethical life. Through a study of the biblical foundations of Christian ethics and ethical systems and their application, students will develop practical skills to address ethical issues and dilemmas they encounter in ministry. Through the development of a personal code of ethics, students will identify principles to guide their conduct in their lives and ministry. Through reflection on virtue ethics, students will practice ongoing spiritual formation that enriches and informs an ethical practice of ministry.

RELM 338 Introduction to the Bible for Ministry 3 crs.

This course introduces students to the Bible in light of the best in contemporary biblical scholarship. It focuses on the Bible not as a museum piece but as the living Word of God that reveals, challenges, and comforts and that serves as a crucial resource for ministry.

RELM 370 Christ and the Christian Tradition 3 crs.

Fundamental theology in a post-conciliar church: focus on revelation, faith, grace and Christology; a brief review of the historical tradition as a background for creation-centered, liberationist theology today.  

RELM 400 Religious Education in Theory and Practice 3 crs.

Foundational questions of religious education are investigated with particular focus given to the relationship between theory and practice. 

RELM 430 Leadership in Ministry 3 crs.

This course offers a foundation for each student’s development of leadership skills used in the practice of ministry. It considers the qualities, practices, and responsibilities of effective leaders, with special attention paid to biblical-theological and theoretical theories of leadership, teamwork, communication, conflict, decision making, and the character, responsibilities, and spiritual life of the leader. It will assist students with becoming more reflective, theologically-based practitioners of ministry.

RELM 496 Senior Seminar 3 crs.

Religious education and pastoral ministry field experiences form the context of this course. The connection of theory and practice shapes the course content with special emphasis placed upon problem-raising, problem-solving and collaboration

RELM 499 Independent Study 3 crs.