International Business (INTB)


Major + Minor Courses

INTB B305 International Economics 3 crs.

This course considers exchange rate systems; international monetary arrangements; adjustments in international disequilibrium situations; relationships among rates of exchange, inflation, interest, and unemployment; and domestic and international economic policies. It also considers various theories of competitive advantage in international trade, the nature and effects of commercial policies, and international economic integration. 

Prerequisites: ECON B205, ECON B206, junior standing

Cross-listing: ECON B305

INTB B310 Law for International Business 3 crs.

This course discusses basic legal principles of engaging in business transactions subject to the law of foreign jurisdictions, and processes available and rules that apply to the solutions of international business problems.

Prerequisites: LGST B205 or LGST B300, junior standing

Cross-listing: LGST B310

INTB B315 International Management 3 crs.

This course explores the complexities arising from managing an international business with a framework for analyzing and successfully operating across nations. Students develop interpersonal and cross-cultural understanding and negotiation skills through in-class participatory exercises, case discussions, supplementary readings, and a group research project.

Prerequisites: MGT B245, junior standing

Cross-listing: MGT B315

INTB B325 International Financial Management 3 crs.

This course explores the problems and complexities that arise when trade and investment take place across national boundaries. Topics include financing international trade, exchange rate risk, risk exposure and management, and direct and indirect international investment considerations.

Prerequisites: FIN B300, junior standing

Cross-listing: FIN B325

INTB B330 International Marketing 3 crs.

This course explores similarities and differences of domestic and international marketing programs; sources of information available to firms considering foreign marketing efforts; costs and problems of gathering this information; formulation and implementation of marketing strategies in other environments.

Prerequisites: MKT B280, junior standing

Cross-listing: MKT B330

INTB B335 Economic Development 3 crs.

This course considers the disparity of material well-being among the masses of people in different countries. Topics include causes of poverty and wealth; nature of economic growth; the roles of the state, markets, and social and cultural institutions in economic development.

Prerequisites: ECON B205, ECON B206, junior standing

Cross-listing: ECON B335

INTB B370 Import / Export Operations 3 crs.

This course covers the basics of international trade, transaction sequencing, transportation and logistics, export pricing, freight forwarding, shipping and collection documents, payment terms and bank collections, tariffs and duties, packing and marking, marine cargo insurance, and import procedures.

Prerequisites: LGST B205 or LGST B300, MGT B245, MKT B280, junior standing

Cross-listings: MGT B370, MKT B370

INTB B415 Global Supply Chain Management 3 crs.

This course introduces students to the strategic importance of good supply chain management practices. Students will be taught to understand how good supply chain management can be a competitive advantage, whereas weaknesses in the supply chain can hurt the performance of a firm. Within the strategic framework, students will be taught to identify facilities, inventory, transportation, information, sourcing, and pricing as the key drivers of supply chain performance. This course also aims to show students how these drivers may be used on a conceptual and practical level during supply chain design, planning, and operation to improve organizational performance.


Prerequisites: MGT B245, MKT B280, junior standing

Cross listing: MGT B415

INTB B435 Multinational Business Strategy 3 crs.

This course is designed to enhance the student’s analytical, research, communication, and strategic skills via two methods–first, in-depth class discussions of concepts and cases focusing on the opportunities, challenges, and strategies pursued by large multinationals; second, an applied research project whereby students formulate and defend a global strategic plan for a company, after performing a strategic audit and assessing the forces and trends shaping the future of the industry in which it operates.

Prerequisites: FIN B300, MGT B245MKT B280, junior standing

INTB B460 International Accounting 3 crs.

This course covers topics including comparison of accounting between US GAAP and IFRS; examination of common financial, managerial, and tax accounting issues faced by U.S. multinational firms, including the impact of transactions conducted in foreign currencies; defenses against currency rate changes such as forward exchange forward contracts; and the restatement of foreign currency financial statements for overseas subsidiaries. Cross-listed with ACCT B460

Prerequisites: ACCT B306*; senior standing


INTB B499 Independent Study in International Business 3 crs.

Prerequisite: Junior standing, overall GPA of 2.0

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