Finance (FIN)


Business Core Courses

FIN B300 Financial Management 3 crs.

This course introduces the analytic techniques commonly used for the financial management of business firms. Topics include analysis of financial statements, financial forecasting, asset valuation, capital budgeting, working capital management, and financial structure.

Prerequisites: ACCT B202, DECS B205, ECON B101, sophomore standing

Major Courses

Finance majors must earn a grade of C or above in the relevant prerequisite courses to fulfill the prerequisite requirements marked * below.

FIN B305 Analysis of Financial Statements 3 crs.

This course examines common techniques for the analysis of financial statements. In addition to covering traditional analytic approaches, this course explores the relationship between the selection of accounting procedures and the quality of the resulting statements.

Prerequisites: ACCT B305, FIN B300*, junior standing

FIN B310 Financial Institutions 3 crs.

This course examines the purpose and functions of financial markets and financial institutions, domestic and global. Emphasis is on asset/liability management. Cases may be used to foster an understanding of the problems and opportunities of different financial institutions. It is highly recommended that the student take FIN B300, Financial Management, first.

Prerequisites: ECON B101, FIN B300*, junior standing

FIN B315 Investments 3 crs.

This course analyzes different investment alternatives in a risk-return framework. Techniques for selection, timing, and diversification of investment choices are emphasized. Portfolio theory is also explained as the capstone element at the end of this course.

Prerequisites: FIN B300*, junior standing

FIN B325 International Financial Management 3 crs.

This course explores the problems and complexities associated with trade and investments that take place across national boundaries. Topics include financing international trade, exchange rate risk, risk exposure and management, and direct and indirect international investment considerations.

Prerequisites: FIN B300*, junior standing

Cross-listing: INTB B325

FIN B400 Advanced Financial Management 3 crs.

This course examines the theory and practice of financial management through case analysis and readings. Topics considered include working capital management, capital budgeting, financial structure, and dividend policy.

Prerequisites: FIN B305*, junior standing

FIN B415 Student Managed Investment Fund   3 crs. 

This course applies investment and portfolio concepts to the management of a $1,000,000+ securities portfolio funded by a gift to Loyola for the College of Business. The aim is a hands-on approach to learning and applying technical/fundamental financial analysis, risk/return evaluation, macro/micro market evaluation, and portfolio management.

Prerequisites: ECON B100, ECON B101, ACCT B202, DECS B250, FIN B300

FIN B440 Entrepreneurial Finance 3 crs.

This course follows the financial decisions over the of the life cycle of an entrepreneurial venture from the creation of the business through raising capital, managing for growth, and exit through acquisition or IPO.

Prerequisites: ACCT B202, ENTR B300, junior standing

Cross-listing: ENTR B440

FIN B450 Real Estate Investments + Finance 3 crs.

This course analyzes real estate financing and investment, vis-a-vis other investment alternatives in a risk-return framework. Primary focus is on evaluating the risk-return potential of income producing real property.

Prerequisites: FIN B300*, junior standing

FIN B460 Financial Derivatives 3 crs.

This course provides undergraduate students with the knowledge and comprehension of financial derivative instruments by providing theory and practice. Future, forward, option and swap contracts are discussed in detail as they apply to stocks, interest rates, foreign exchange and commodities. For each type of derivative instrument, underlying risk exposure, pricing and trading are discussed. Different trading strategies using options are provided with actual market information. Special emphasis is on the actual usage of derivatives within real markets for hedging and speculating purposes.

Prerequisites: FIN B300*, junior standing

FIN B493 Special Topics in Finance 3 crs.

This course designation is applied to topical electives in Finance offered on an irregular basis. Previous topics include speculative markets (derivatives); real estate appraisal; portfolio analysis; global financial markets; entrepreneurship, expectations, and equilibrium; and investment banking.

Prerequisites: FIN B300*, junior standing

FIN B499 Independent Study in Finance 3 crs.

Prerequisites: FIN B300*, junior standing, overall GPA of 2.0

See description in College of Business overview

Minor Courses

FIN B200 Personal Finance 3 crs.

This course explores those areas of finance which have direct impact on an individual’s financial decisions. Emphasis is on financial planning, budgeting and savings oriented cash management, credit usage and credit legislation, investments, tax planning, basic risk management and insurance concepts, retirement planning, estate planning, and Louisiana inheritance and community property law rules.

Note: May not be used as a finance major or general business elective