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Minor Requirements

The Computational Science minor requires the following 21 -22 hours (depending on chosen option):
CPSC Core Courses  13 crs.
COSC A211 Intro. to Programming I 3 crs.
MATH A257 Calculus I 4 crs.
MATH A271 Applied Scientific Computing 3 crs.
MATH A375 Computational Mathematics 3 crs.
Choose one of the following four options: 8 or 9 crs.

Option 1: 9 crs.

  • MATH A258 Calculus II
  • COSC A212 Intro. to Programming II
  • Research A498: 2 crs. 

Option 2: 8 crs.

  • MATH A258 Calculus II
  • Research A498: 4 crs. 

Option 3: 8 crs.

  • PSYC A303 Statistics & Methods or
    MATH A260 Statistical Inference for Scientists or
    DESC B205 Business Statistics : 3 crs. 
  • A498 Research Project: 2 crs.
  • COSC A212 Introduction to Programming II or
    A498 Research Project: 3 crs.

Option 4: 8 crs.

  • COSC A212 Introduction to Programming II
  • Research A498 (5 crs)


2.0 GPA required for completion of program. 

Substitutions to the program will be permitted with the approval of the Director of Comptational Science.