Certificate in Health Law

Students may elect to concentrate in the area of Health Law and earn a Certificate in Health Law upon graduation.  To receive the Certificate in Health Law, a candidate must successfully complete the course work described below.

Required Courses

LAW L746 Business Organizations I (3 hrs)
LAW L807 Introduction to Health Law (3 hrs)
LAW L912 Health Law II:  Access, Regulation, Compliance and Strategy (3 hrs)
LAW L844 Administrative Law (3 hrs)

In addition to the required courses, a candidate for the certificate must elect three (3) hours from the following pool courses:

LAW L747 Business Organizations II (3 hrs)
LAW L822 Bioethics and the Law (3 hrs)
LAW L825 Medical Malpractice (2 or 3 hrs)
LAW L830 Comparative Reproductive Bioethics and the Law (1 hr)
LAW L902 Elder and Disabled Law (2 hrs)
LAW L940 Risk and the Administrative State (3hrs)

Writing Requirement

A candidate for the certificate must complete an academic research paper of high professional quality concerning Health Law.  The paper may be written in conjunction with a Health Law course listed above, as part of LAW L898 Legal Research, LAW L905 Advanced Legal Writing, or through one of the law school journal offerings.  This paper must be advised by a member of the faculty teaching one of the courses listed above.  Advance approval of the topic by one of these faculty members is required.

Skills Credit

At least one skills credit must be earned in a Health Law related class.

Grade Point Average

A candidate for the certificate must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better in the certificate courses and an overall GPA of 2.5 or higher to obtain the Certificate in Health Law.

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