Master of Pastoral Studies / Master of Criminal Justice Dual Degree Program

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2018-2019 MPS-MCJ Degree Program Course Listings (DPCL)

Students in this on-campus program must be admitted to both the Department of Criminal Justice and the Institute for Ministry. The total number of credit hours for the dual degree is 55 credits of graduate work. 

Further Information

Institute for Ministry Courses: 3 credit hours per course
LIM C703 Introduction to Practical Theology
LIM C704 Spirituality, Morality, and Ethics
LIM C711 Jewish Roots of Christian Faith (Old Testament)
LIM C712 Christian Origins (New Testament)
LIM C714 Grace, Christ, and Spirit
LIM C841 Religion, Crime, and Justice
LIM 849 Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling
LIM C886 Pastoral and Educational Praxis

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Criminal Justice Courses: 3 credit hours per course
CRIM A700 Theories of Criminal Behavior
CRIM A705 Seminar in Criminal Justice
CRIM A710 Research and Statistical Methods
CRIM A720 Seminar in Criminal Justice Administration II
CRIM A800 Selected Problems in Criminal Justice
CRIM A805 Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation
CRIM A893 Directed Readings in Criminology and Criminal Justice

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Counseling Courses: 7 credit hours
CNSL A830 Counseling Theories 3 crs.
CNSL A835 Intro to Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3 crs.
CNSL A836 Individual Counseling Skills Lab 1 cr.

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Elective Course: 3 credit hours (Chosen in consultation with academic advisor)

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