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2018-2019 Advanced-Level Certificates Course Listing (DPCL)

Post-Master's Certificate in Pastoral Studies •
Advanced Continuing Education Certificate in Pastoral Studies

Those who have already earned a master’s degree from LIM, one of the continuing education certificates that the institute offers (Certificate of Pastoral Studies or Certificate of Religious Education), or a graduate-level degree in theology, pastoral studies, religious education or a related field from another accredited college or university may pursue an additional professional credential from the institute. Requirements for the advanced-level certificate program consist of four graduate-level courses in two Focus Areas.  

Courses may be taken on campus, online, or at LIM extension sites. Students taking the courses for graduate credit will earn a Post-Master's Certificate in Pastoral Studies; students taking the courses for continuing education (CEU) credit will earn an Advanced Continuing Education Certificate in Pastoral Studies. 

Further Information

Focus Area Courses: 3 credit hours or CEUs per course
Christian Spirituality for Ministry
LIM 827 Spirituality for Ministers
LIM 828 History of Christian Spirituality
Digital Culture and Ministry
LIM 826 Digital Media and Ministry
LIM 885 Religious Communication
Marketplace Ministry
LIM 819 Spirituality and the Theology of Work
LIM 820 Ministry in the Marketplace
Religious Education (2 of the 4 courses, but not both 839 and 846)
LIM 837 Foundations of Religious Education
LIM 838 Curriculum Development

LIM 839 LIM 846

Religious Education across the Curriculum OR Catechetical Leadership
Pastoral Life and Administration
LIM 844 Parish Life and Ministry
LIM 845 Contemporary Issues in Pastoral Ministry
Religion and Ecology
LIM 813 The Universe as Divine Manifestation
LIM 814 The Emergent Universe: Our Sacred Story
Youth and Young Adult Ministry
LIM 870 Foundations of Youth and Young Adult Ministry
LIM 876 Youth and Young Adults:Spirituality and Methods of Faith Development
Small Christian Community Formation
LIM 809 Inner Life of SCCs
LIM 810 Public Life of SCCs
Individualized Track
Two or four focus area courses (chosen in consultation with advisor)

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